Sunday, January 31, 2010

Got dick twice today...

It always starts with a lick, some deep sucking and then a big wad of pent up cum on my ass! I am not complaining by any means... I always welcome his cock anywhere he wants to put it!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My titties...

My titties are perfect. Not too big, not too small. I fill out a nice c-cup bra. Medium sized nipples that are perfect for suckling. Soft skin. My titties always smell good. Some days they smell like Obsession perfume, some days Vanilla Milk body spray. I have many different smells. When your face is buried between my boobies, take a deep breathe... there is an intermingling of perfume and pheromones that make your naughty parts hard and usually a lil bit wet. I have had men and women who love my titties and how they smell.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

sleep sex

Before bed, I go pee and then I spit on my fingers and lube my pussy up. Why do I do that you may ask... I do this because we sleep nude. There are many nights my overworked husband rolls over and rubs his hard cock against my ass. I need to be ready for this nocturnal proposition. He cums at me with that hard dick, I need to be ready to slide it in and get to fucking. I am a huge fan of this as my hubby works a lot and sometimes he needs a nap before we can get to business. It is always hot to wake up, not really knowing whats going on until sex is happening, orgasm is pending and fluids are being spilled. Sleep sex is awesome

Hi, my name is Naomi and I love getting fucked!

I am always horny! A lot of times more than my hubby... That's OK though because I completely enjoy my own body. I am not at all a prude when it cums to my own body. I love how I feel and how I smell. My favorite smell is when my husband cums inside my pussy and it mixes with my own cum. It is arousing later. Pheromones are powerful. Sucking hubby's cock after he has been fucking me for a bit is great too. I like my flavor. I enjoy the nuances of my cycle smells and flavors. I will be posting pics of me, my husband and pics of us together. We both get off on letting others see us getting off. I will be adding a lot more content as we go... cum back and check it out. If you have anything special you would like to see, message me. We will try to get your suggestions filled!