Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Other G-spot

His front is pressed to my back. All I can think about is this hard, increasingly wet prick rubbing my brown g-spot. He is kissing my neck and shoulders as I am considerably shorter than him. Precum spurts a bit more and makes my ass crack all the more lubed. I am relaxing every part of my being as he continues the foreplay. Our breathing is harder and faster. Fingers are more aggressive with the titty play. Pinch, tweak. My nipples are sore. It is an arousing pain that makes my pussy ache. I feel the bulbous head of his hardness ease into the rim of my bottom, resistance. Precum lubricates the tight opening as the shaft is gently eased into my ass. Slowly, entrance is granted, exciting this man all the more. His rod is pumping juices inside me to make the next thrust very slippery and stimulating. My snatch is getting damp with the anal sensations being created. His thrusts are slow and purposeful as to be very pleasurable for both of us. His cock is pulled out. He bites my neck hard enough to leave a painful mark. Kiss it better. Nipples are pinched forcefully. Hard cock is jammed into my ass, thrust, thrust thrust. Cock is buried in me. Mandatory pause or this will end too soon. We become one while naughty talk ensues. He is balls deep inside me but I still feel the head of his cock flaring when I tell him what a bad girl I am... and how I will require punishment. His stiffness is yanked from my rear as I am told to stand up and bend over. As I grab my ankles, I get the sharp sting of the riding crop across my butt cheek. 'You still a bad girl?' Mumbling, I submit. With that I see the biggest dong I have in the toy box getting lubed up. I am pushed face first across the end of the bed. Big black dong is pushed into my pussy as the even bigger cock on my man is back in my brown hole. Both of my holes are being 'violated' and it sends my naughty parts into a spasm of ecstasy. My pussy orgasms and spurts juices all over his thrusting hand. My black dong is pulled out and laid on my back as he is reaching his climax. I feel the creaminess of the toy oozing onto my ass. Strong hands grip my hips. His legs are planted. Hips swing quicker. Grunting with every pleasurable movement. Thrust, thrust, thrust, groan. His hot load is shot into me. Sweat drips onto my back. Another lesson well learned. I am such a bad girl.